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DMP Engineering Services

Davis • Martin • Powell has diverse expertise in many aspects of civil, sanitary, and environmental engineering. We have focused our growth and development within these fields and we provide a wide assortment of engineering services, including the ones featured below.


  • Land planning and development
  • Municipal Boundary Adjustments
  • Project Planning, preliminary engineering reports
  • Grantsmanship & funding assistance
  • Utility layers & Databased for GIS application

Educational Facilities

  • Utility layers & databases for GIS applications
  • Preliminary site selection and evaluation studies
  • Site development plans
  • Access road, parking, and traffic planning
  • Recreational fields and equipment

Water & Wastewater Facilities

  • Water distribution & wastewater collection
  • Pumping facilities
  • Treatment and storage facilities
  • Instrumentation, control, SCADA


  • Stormwater management and treatment
  • Water quality enhancement
  • Flood modeling and routing
  • Bio-cells and constructed wetlands
  • FEMA map revisions


  • Street and road improvements
  • Roadway-utility conflict resolution
  • Annual paving contracts
  • Roadway and hydraulics design

Construction Management

  • Resident construction observation & inspection
  • Construction contract administration
  • Funding agency compliance
  • Davis-Bacon compliance reviews

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