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Project Engineer

Job Summary:

With assistance or direction from Project Managers and Team Leaders, provide timely and accurate engineering design and/or construction engineering services which involve the application of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria. Projects will predominately be related to water/wastewater utilities including planning, conveyance systems, pumping facilities, and treatment facilities.


As a team member or individually, perform standard Civil Engineering duties, which involve limited judgement as to the methods to be used for completion. Under the supervision of more experienced staff, consult and work with others regarding:

  • Analysis of conventional engineering work on projects related to water/wastewater conveyance systems, urban streets, site development, stormwater, erosion control, water/wastewater treatment, and similar municipal infrastructure systems.
  • Planning, estimating, design work, and other engineering tasks.
  • Preparation of preliminary engineering reports.
  • Preparation of applications for state and federal funding programs.
  • Preparation of exhibits, drawings, draft specifications, and bidding documents.
  • Computer drafting and/or design of project elements.
  • Preparation of permit applications.
  • Participate in meetings with clients, and presentations.
  • Review contractor submittals and pay requests.
  • Visit project sites for planning, design, and construction observation.
  • Develop a clear working knowledge of technical skills used in engineering projects
  • Perform work in accordance with the firm's standards for projects and project process.
  • Work with the Team Leaders and clients to promote the concepts of teamwork, client satisfaction, and continual improvement within the company.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or as apparent.

Job Requirements:

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biological Systems Engineering or equivalent is required with course work in related subjects.
  • Experience as would be found in a person with co-op, internships, or other more limited professional work experience.
  • Successful completion of the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination is required and progress toward professional licensure is preferred.

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